In the battlefield of life…we are all on the front line. We’ve all taken incoming rounds. The inevitability of suffering is a bullet with our name on it. The roads we travel are pocketed with IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), detonating with a sense of randomness—everything from combat casualties to cancer, death to divorce, loneliness to loss. These are the wounds of the flesh and the wounds of the heart; both leave scars that last forever.

Often I face these challenges: Am I ready for the next attack? How can I be prepared? What can I do to survive? While none of us will get through life without wounds to show for it, this I know: it is about courage, and enough of it to make it to another day. I have come to learn through my own experiences that the source of courage is faith; beginning with a personal belief in a creator who has a plan and a purpose for my life and continuing beyond the grave.

Confidence in God is the source of courage in battling the challenges of life. Victory will be achieved when we “fire for effect” with “artillery rounds” on target. Those combat effective munitions are my battlefield verses.